Our Philosophy


Our philosophy? It’s simple! To produce unique, innovative, interesting and fresh digital media solutions.

We approach each individual project with the following design goals and criteria in mind: Accessibility, Creativity, Consistency and Maintainability.

Accessibility:  Information is not useful unless it is used. To be used, it must be easy to access.
Creativity:  Your homepage has 3 seconds to make an impression – so make sure it’s a positive experience for the user.
Consistency:   Inconsistent layout and navigation features make Websites difficult to use.
Maintainability:  Websites quickly become out-of-date when they are difficult to maintain.

We believe there are too many organizations offering to develop website solutions – those that propose to match our professional standards and exceptional end-results usually quote highly exorbitant prices, for solutions that are often not financially feasible for many small to medium-sized businesses.  We are an honest, reassuringly professional yet surprisingly inexpensive, new media design company with fully-individualized digital media solutions that are affordable for all … and coveted by many!